Asphalt Division
High Volume Facilities

On Demand - High Output
Projects Large and Small

In an effort to further diversify and expand our operations,
Lachance Construction  ventured into the world of asphalt production and placement in 2008.  This allows us to supply our projects more efficiently and better serve our clients.

The acquisition of our  ADM Drum Mix Asphalt Plant  enables us to deliver superior quality surfacing for all our projects.  With a maximum output of
110 Tonnes per hour, we now can bid more competitively on a wider range of projects.

Lachance Construction   has also become a member of the  Ontario Hot Mix Producers Association  (OHMPA).

Whether it's for new street paving or resurfacing, large or small parking lots, drive-throughs, loading docks or small private driveways we're prepared to supply any surfacing project.

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